Arts Roundup is a leaflet and brochure distribution service comprising of branded wire carousels, wall mounted display racks and small Perspex dispensers situated in shops, offices, hotels and restaurants, public buildings and educational establishments across Norwich and Norfolk holding local and regional information. Since taking over arts roundup in the August 2015 we have more than doubled our number of sites and are continuing to look for extra locations. A full-time Distributor is responsible for keeping the racks filled with current leaflets on behalf of all our customers.

For details of our cost effective, VAT Free and prompt service please see 'What We Do'.

Coronavirus has taken its toll on Arts Roundup, but with the easing of lockdown restrictions we are looking forward to receiving your orders for leaflet distribution in the near future (dates to posted here on the website as soon as we have them).


We thank you for your understanding and look forward to working with you again soon.